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Chaleur Climbing Club

Climbing... for all!

Climbing… available to all!

Come celebrate your child’s birthday with us! Climbing is a sport that is accessible to people of all ages and skill level. Our professional team is looking forward to meeting you, so do not be shy if you’re up to the challenge. Climbing is also a good way to escape the daily routine!

General information

Why climbing ?

Climbing helps increasing your concentration level and also helps to clear your mind.

With its multiple combinations, climbing is constantly offering new challenges : beginner track, confirmed, expert… With all these courses, you get greater coordination and dexterity.

You will also learn to trust, to understand the fear or heights, to manage your breathing and to overcome your fears.

Who can climb ?

Climbing is not only for daredevils!

Climbing is easily accessible : you don’t have to be in an olympic shape to learn and have fun! Some people climb to vercome their fear of heights or simply to change their mind.

Children over 5 years old can come and climb if they are accompanied by an adult.

Is it safe?

Our instructors will always ensure that your equipment has been checked and is in good condition. Here are some safety tips to follow :

  • Is your harness secure ?
  • Is your knot anchored and secured properly on your harness ?
  • Is your partner’s harness secured ?
  • Is your backup system fixed and your carabiner locked properly ?
  • Do you remember the starting and belay orders ?

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Le saviez-vous? Le club a reçu une livraison de nouvelles prises cet été! Nos bénévoles travaillent fort à vous offrir de nouveaux défis, venez en faire l'essai!

Did you know? The club received a shipment of new holds this summer! Our volunteers are hard at work to offer you some new challenges, come try it out!

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Après de belles vacances, nos bénévoles sont prêts à vous acceuillir au club d'escalade dès la semaine prochaine. Les portes seront ouvertes mardi le 5 septembre, selon l'horaire régulier. Nous avons hâte de vous voir!

After some lovely vacation, our volunteers are ready to have you back at the climbing club, as of next week. The doors will be open as of Tuesday, September 5th, per our usual hours. We can't wait to see you!

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English message will follow.

Veuillez prendre note que le Centre d'Escalade Chaleur sera fermer ce dimanche matin 20 mai 2017 pour la session du matin.


The Chaleur Climbing Club will be closed this coming Sunday May 20th 2017 for the morning session.

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Visite des cadets de petit rocher. ...

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