Important : All climbers need to fill and sign the release of liability form before climbing.

General Informations

Why climbing ?

Climbing helps increasing your concentration level and also helps to clear your mind.

With its multiple combinations, climbing is constantly offering new challenges : beginner track, confirmed, expert… With all these courses, you get greater coordination and dexterity.

You will also learn to trust, to understand the fear or heights, to manage your breathing and to overcome your fears.

Who can climb ?

Climbing is not only for daredevils!

Climbing is easily accessible : you don’t have to be in an olympic shape to learn and have fun! Some people climb to vercome their fear of heights or simply to change their mind.

Children over 5 years old can come and climb if they are accompanied by an adult.

Is it safe?

Our instructors will always ensure that your equipment has been checked and is in good condition. Here are some safety tips to follow :

  • Is your harness secure ?
  • Is your knot anchored and secured properly on your harness ?
  • Is your partner’s harness secured ?
  • Is your backup system fixed and your carabiner locked properly ?
  • Do you remember the starting and belay orders ?


First Time Visit

What kind of clothes should I wear ? What should I bring along with me ?

Bring your own climbing gear (water bottle, energy bar). Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. A lot of people like to wear pants or shorts that cover at least the knees to protect their skin from scratching cause by the textured wall.

How old should I be ?

Anyone aged 5 years or older can climb at the Chaleur Climbing Club. Anyone whose age is below 16 years old needs to be accompanied by an adult who will stay with them while they are at the climbing centre.

How does it work ?

Your first time is always FREE! On your first visit you will receive a few security instructions. We will show you how to put a harness on. If you are 13 years old or older we will show you how to work the ropes. You don’t need a climbing partner but you’ll need a belayer while you climb. Our trainers will belay you if you don’t have a partner.

How much does it cost ?

All our cost are listed under the tab “Pricing”. Contact us for group reservation. Please note that the prices can vary depending on the desired activity type.